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Best of Bumble (Part One)

There are many great hair care products out there that do sooooo many different things. If you are anything like us, looking up at the endless options on the salon shelves for your hair can be quite overwhelming. We find it's super helpful to know what the salon has seen as its best selling products. We always want to know what other people find as their favorites. Anyone ever glance in their neighbors grocery basket to make sure you're not missing out on a tasty snack? No? Just us? Ha- well we are here to make sure you are not missing out on these amazing products! 

This will be a 3-part series outlining what our top 3 sellers are in our hair and skin care lines. A little peek behind the curtain of what we just can’t keep in stock due to high demand!!!  The first product line in this feature is our favorites from Bumble! Bumble and bumble is based out of New York City and their hair care line is second to none. They are a huge force back stage at New York Fashion Week, and are world wide known for their editorial features. We think the best thing about this line is that their products do exactly what they say they will do (all the praise hands)!!!


Ok- we will drive up the dramatic flare of this post and do this countdown style starting with number three…

Our 3rd best seller in the Bumble and bumble line is Thickening Spray.  This has been a looooooong time favorite here in the salon and also nationwide. This product sat in the top spot for many years and has only since been preceded by new releases! This is a styling product that you apply to wet hair to give your roots an extra boost of volume. It does exactly as it says and gives you a thicker, fuller look!


The next spot goes to our number two favorite: Thickening Dry Spun Finishing Spray. This product is a newer member of the Thickening family and boy has it been a big hit. Unlike the Thickening Spray, this product goes on dry, styled hair. You can spray this on your roots for an extra boost of volume and texture. This product also works great to spray on your ends and give your curls a more tussled, lived-in look.  Warning: this product is very addictive; so don’t try it unless you’re ready to be a lifetime fan!


Ok…here it is… the number one best seller for both Signatures Salon and Bumble and bumble is… Hair Dresser’s Invisible Oil Primer. Since its launch, this product has jumped straight to the top and hasn’t left since.  It’s a UV and heat protector- so it protects from the sun's harmful rays as well as the hot tools we use day in and day out! Think of it as a sunscreen for your hair! Spray this product on first and it sets the foundation for all of your other styling products. It primes the hair and allows the styling products to SHINE! If you don’t have this product yet, run, don’t walk to Signatures to get it. You won’t regret it!


Alright- there you have it. Our top 3!!! Stay tuned for the rest of this series, as we will cover the top 3 in our all-natural line and our skincare line!

New York State of Mind



The crisp, fall air, the sights and sounds, the never ending change of scenery are all what make New York City a place of passion and inspiration. You can't leave this city and feel uninspired. It's in the small things. The park that's nestled in the middle of a block of skyscrapers. The architecture, the stoops, the unique lines of buildings that make up the gorgeous skyline. The endless cafes, restaurants and nooks perfect for sipping coffee and watching the endless amount of people stroll by. The individual style and creativity of the patrons that call this place home. All of these small details make NYC unique and special. 


I had the privilege of attending an advanced marketing and social media course at one our favorite New York establishments, the House of Bumble, with our Master Stylist and Educator Lensi. During this course, we learned about establishing our voice and knowing/speaking our brand. This is something we are so passionate about at Signatures Salon, so it was encouraging to learn new material to help support that mindset. 


We also took the opportunity to use the city as one of the best back drops for a fun photo shoot. Photography is one of my passions, so to be able to explore the streets in a new light (behind my lens), was such a thrill. We hope these images leave you inspired. We also hope they motivate you to find your voice, seek out your passions, and make sure your life is lined up in a way that speaks your brand. Whatever that may be. Enjoy. 


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