Summer Hair Don't Care

Tan lines, ocean waves, beach chairs and salty air--- whats not to love about SUMMER! Along with the fashion and the laid back vibes, one of our favorite things about Summer is rocking our beach waved hair! 

Not everyone lives on the shores of Florida, California or Hawaii-- with the ability to air dry our ocean drenched locks and make a day of it...sooooo with that in mind, Bumble and Bumble has created a huge fan following with their Surf product line.

Their first baby in this line is the original Surf Spray. The inspiration for this product is actually the Hudson River in New York. Editorial Stylists working backstage at New York Fashion week found the salt water in the Hudson made the perfect solution for achieving beachy waves. Not long after, the genius masterminds at Bumble and Bumble crafted their very own version of this crazy concoction. (Side Note: Did you know the rubbery texture of the bottle was designed with scuba gear in mind?!? How crazy creative is that???)

Since then, due to the immense popularity and dedication to the line, the Surf family has expanded to include a shampoo & conditioner and 2 other AMAZING styling products. 

We wanted to show you a recent segment we did on our local news to show you how you can achieve this summer look at home.

Beachy locks are only a few simple steps away. Try this trendy look today! And rock your next day hair in a messy bun or braid as the surf products are the perfect foundation for an updo or braided style. As always, our goal at Signatures Salon is to empower our guests with cutting edge tips, techniques, tools, and products to replicate the styles and trends we know and love. Signatures has been offering these things and more for 21 years, and feel confident we have only scratched the surface of all we have to offer in Southwest Louisiana! Stay tuned!!! 

Sandy toes ll Sun-kissed nose ll Summer hair ll Not a care

Pop-up Parties

As one of the managers of Signatures Salon, one of my roles is the salon's photography. This is one of my passions and favorite avenues of my job. 

With that in mind, I was asked by the White family to photograph a party to honor Wendy's parent's 46th wedding anniversary. It was such an honor to be asked, and if you know the Whites, you know this would not just be any regular ol' party. 

They hosted what is called a 'Pop-up Party" in their backyard. A Pop-up Party is a one of a kind event featuring a unique setting and menu. It's an on-location event, from start to finish. The food was prepped, cooked, and served all in their backyard. This gathering was a perfect fit for the Whites. Tablecloth-clad tables adorned with yard picked-flowers, original wedding dishes, and a one-of-a-kind menu hand-created for them is just a taste of what this party embodied. 

The creative menu was brought to them by the dynamic duo creatively named Scratch Kitchen. Kelsie and Jaime are from Lafayette, Louisiana and their farm-to-table food pairings are nothing short of a work of art. The menu included roasted cattails (yes you read that right, straight from the edge of a Louisiana pond), reishi mushroom stock carrot soup topped with pesto, a charcuterie board, red lentil pate' and lamb pate', and a dessert made of pecan crust beet cobbler topped with elderberry chia seed which was absolutely heavenly! The work station was on-sight and the detail and craftsmanship put into creating this food was a sight to see! 

So you might be thinking...yes it sounds neat, but how did it taste?!? Let me just tell you, it was all so delicious. The flavor was rich, bold, and literally freshly picked. It was visually and aromatically stimulating. These ladies set up shop weekly at the Lafayette farmers market, so if you find yourself in that area, do yourself a favor by partaking in their unique gifting. It is worth your while! 

The next time you find yourself hosting an event, think outside of the box and consider a Pop-up party! It can be tailored to your specific style and taste, but its unique qualities and memorability factor are unmatched. And, if you are interested in a farm-fresh unique menu, Scratch Kitchen is definitely the way to go! Enjoy and be inspired. Eat, drink and be uniquely merry. 

The Story of The Nuque

To know the White family is to love them. They are some of the most talented and creative people on earth. Simply walk into Signatures Salon at any given time and see the ever changing theme and decor to get a small glimpse of their talent level. The matriarch of this family is the lovely Mrs. Darlene White. Spending any amount of time with her, will show you where her four daughters get it from. She has recently taken something she made her girls years ago and turned it into what we now call The Nuque. Before I tell you any more about that, I would love for you to hear the background of this story from Mrs. Darlene herself. The video below is by the talented Emily and Daniel Cutrer...enjoy! 

While simple in concept, The Nuque is comforting, healing and effective. It can be the perfect gift, or purchased for personal use. It's about the same price as flowers, yet can be used over a hundred times- so it's the gift that keeps on giving. They are available in a wide variety of patterns and colors that are suitable for both the guys and the gals. Also- now the exchangeable covers are available for sale for just ten bucks. Can't beat it! 

It's the season of love, so give the gift made with love to the ones you love. Happy Valentine's Day from all of us. 

New York State of Mind



The crisp, fall air, the sights and sounds, the never ending change of scenery are all what make New York City a place of passion and inspiration. You can't leave this city and feel uninspired. It's in the small things. The park that's nestled in the middle of a block of skyscrapers. The architecture, the stoops, the unique lines of buildings that make up the gorgeous skyline. The endless cafes, restaurants and nooks perfect for sipping coffee and watching the endless amount of people stroll by. The individual style and creativity of the patrons that call this place home. All of these small details make NYC unique and special. 


I had the privilege of attending an advanced marketing and social media course at one our favorite New York establishments, the House of Bumble, with our Master Stylist and Educator Lensi. During this course, we learned about establishing our voice and knowing/speaking our brand. This is something we are so passionate about at Signatures Salon, so it was encouraging to learn new material to help support that mindset. 


We also took the opportunity to use the city as one of the best back drops for a fun photo shoot. Photography is one of my passions, so to be able to explore the streets in a new light (behind my lens), was such a thrill. We hope these images leave you inspired. We also hope they motivate you to find your voice, seek out your passions, and make sure your life is lined up in a way that speaks your brand. Whatever that may be. Enjoy. 


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