Apparently Lightning CAN Strike Twice


In the early morning hours of Saturday, April 28th, a drunk driver crashed into the East side of the salon. This crash happened almost exactly 3 years to the date of the original drunk driver crash. Though sad that we found ourselves in this situation again, we were so grateful that once again, it was outside of our business hours and no employees were injured. 

From the outside looking in, this crash looked terrible. The driver took off nearly the entire front corner of the building. What most people responded was the need for iron posts as reinforcement to the salon. The interesting part, is that the last time this occurred, this is one of the first things we did.  We install 4 iron posts in front of the salon and 2 horse head posts in the walkway. The driver just so happened to drive in the middle of 2 of the poles to make his entry. He then continued to drive on and eventually left the scene. Thankfully, our amazing LCPD found him, and justice was served. 


Our team yet again rose to the occasion, and we were only down 1 full working day. We have taken this opportunity to make some fun updates to the interior and exterior of the salon, and we cant wait to show off the finished product. Stay tuned for another blog post with all of the new photos! We are also adding more iron railing to the exterior of the salon to give our clients and staff peace of mind while in the building. 

Sticks and bricks may tumble and fall, but our God never leaves or forsakes us. We will stand on that always. Romans 8:28- "For all things work together for the good of those that love the Lord and are called according to His purpose."