Your Scalp Will Thank You!

Dry shampoo, styling cream, hairspray - products enhance our hair in so many ways!  But sometimes, even our hair needs a good cleanse.  Bumble and Bumble recently released their new product, Scalp Detox.  It is a must have for every product junkie’s collection!


Scalp Detox is fizzing foam that helps prevent over-drying, pore clogging debris, and dead skin cells.  The two key ingredients used are micellar water and salicylic acid (and are basically your scalp’s two new best friends).  The micellar water is gently cleansing the scalp while the salicylic acid aides in removing dead skin cells and debris in the pores all while your scalp is feeling fresh and fizzy.  In fact, while using the product, clients agree that it feels like a million little Pop Rocks setting off on their scalp!

Scalp Detox is applied before shampooing.  Section your hair, shake the bottle well, and then apply it directly onto your scalp.  Be sure to massage the foam into your scalp before applying the detox to another section.  Allow the product to soak into your scalp for 3 minutes – enough time to check social media or a quick snack – then rinse and follow up with shampoo and conditioner. 


The best part of Scalp Detox is that it is for ALL scalp and hair types!  The next time you’re at the salon for an appointment, ask your stylist to give it a try on you at the shampoo bowl!  We also have it in stock to buy and take home for $34.  

Treat yourself AND your scalp to this frothy treat!


Written by Lakyn McNabb