Are you missing this CRUCIAL styling step?

Just as the foundation of the home is the most crucial step in a home building process, PRIMERS are the building block of a great hairstyle.  They are created to fill the pores of your hair (yes, your hair has pores just like your skin does) for an even styling canvas. As you know- your hair is a work of art!!! They also restore nourishment to the hair that is depleted by chemical, sun and environmental damage.


Bumble and bumble has taken the primer step to a whole new level by having 4 custom products in the foundation line that cater to a specific hair type.

They each serve the same main purpose, but have unique characteristics that target the hair type they are created for.

First up is Prep: 


Prep is created for fine or natural/virgin hair. It's also great for kiddos! It's full of vitamins and minerals but is very light-weight. It is a nutrient rich detangler that sets the stage for your style. It will help to reveal texture in the hair or to refresh already styled hair! 

Next up is Tonic: 


Tonic, like prep is full of vitamins and minerals that your hair need, with the added ingredient of tea tree oil. This makes it smell amazing, and with the added oil, it's best for thicker textures or colored hair. Men love tonic because the tea tree oil leaves a nice tingle on the scalp and reminds them of old-school barber elixirs. And a little insider secret: tea tree is great for kids to help prevent lice (YUCK!) They are repelled by the scent of tea tree!

The next primer in the lineup is Hair Dresser's Invisible Oil Primer:

HIO is made up of 6 light-weight oils and is a UV and heat protectant. It is basically sunscreen for your hair.  It helps soften, detangle, de-frizz, tame flyaways, ease styling and protect against breakage- can you say miracle worker?!? It has quickly become a cult favorite and now sits pretty as Bumble and bumbles number one selling product! Its perfect for color treated hair or coarse hair. Don’t let the 6 oil blend scare you, though it’s the most moisturizing of the primers, it does so without the weight. If you hair is super fine, but colored…hop back up and tonic would likely be your best friend!

Finally, the last product is Curl Primer: 

Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out the ideal client for this one! It is created with a  curl-optimizing HydraSculpt Blend™, mixed with Brazilian oils, and helps create controlled, moisturized curls. The beauty of this product is it works to both prime the hair after washing and reactivate the style next day. Curly textures tend to be dryer so daily washing is not ideal. This product can be spritzed over next day (or 3rd day…shhhh we wont tell) hair to re-launch the styling products and curls!

So- lots of info, but as you can see- man, woman or child- there is a perfect primer for you!

Come by Signatures Salon any time to speak to one of our educated stylists and we can get you started on this crucial styling step today! We have been one of the premiere salons in Southwest Louisiana for over 20 years. We are Bumble and bumble fanatics and can get you loving these products just as much as we do!  Prime on!