The Story of The Nuque

To know the White family is to love them. They are some of the most talented and creative people on earth. Simply walk into Signatures Salon at any given time and see the ever changing theme and decor to get a small glimpse of their talent level. The matriarch of this family is the lovely Mrs. Darlene White. Spending any amount of time with her, will show you where her four daughters get it from. She has recently taken something she made her girls years ago and turned it into what we now call The Nuque. Before I tell you any more about that, I would love for you to hear the background of this story from Mrs. Darlene herself. The video below is by the talented Emily and Daniel Cutrer...enjoy! 

While simple in concept, The Nuque is comforting, healing and effective. It can be the perfect gift, or purchased for personal use. It's about the same price as flowers, yet can be used over a hundred times- so it's the gift that keeps on giving. They are available in a wide variety of patterns and colors that are suitable for both the guys and the gals. Also- now the exchangeable covers are available for sale for just ten bucks. Can't beat it! 

It's the season of love, so give the gift made with love to the ones you love. Happy Valentine's Day from all of us.