Intelligent Nutrients Top Picks

Our third and final feature of Top 3 products is our all-natural, organic line, Intelligent Nutrients. Intelligent Nutrients was created by "the father of Safe Cosmetics" and Aveda founder, Horst Rechelbacher. As a salon owner and world-famous hairdresser, he was the first to see the ill health effects beauty products had on stylists. With no safe alternatives, he made his own, introducing the concepts of plant-based products, aromatherapy and environmental impact into the world of beauty.

Horst left Aveda to pursue the mission of next-level certified organic, sustainable, inside-and-out beauty. In 2008, IN revealed the first USDA certified organic hair care line. It broke new ground to revolutionize the beauty industry again. Today, his wife, Kiran Stordalen, and daughter, Nicole Rechelbacher, who were instrumental since day one, lead the company.

This line features both hair care and skincare products, and Signatures Salon carries both!

Here is a rundown of the best sellers in this great, natural line…

1.     Harmonic Shampoo and Conditioner


This is the all-around for everyone shampoo and conditioner.  Harmonic NOURISHES, BALANCES AND REFRESHES.

Cleanses and conditions with nutrition, this clean and non-toxic line detangles and rehydrates without heaviness. Improves manageability, softness and shine. Refreshes with a minty tingle.

·       Helps soften and add shine

·       Plant powered proteins replenish

·       Minty Destress Express® aroma tingles

·       Absolutely refreshing in every way

·       Men love how it feels

·       Kids love how it smells

·       Women love how it works


2.     Pure Plenty Line


This is a 3-part system that helps fight thinning hair. The system consists of a shampoo, conditioner and a scalp serum.

·       PurePlenty® Exfoliating Shampoo jumpstarts and helps clear the scalp — the source of healthy, dynamic hair.

·       PurePlenty® Density Building Conditioner supports density and volume while replenishing thin, fragile ends.

·       PurePlenty® Nourishing Scalp and Strand Serum helps inhibit DHT and promotes thriving follicles to support a healthy hair cycle.


·       90% reported thicker hair

·       82% indicated a 100x volume increase

·       Clinical trials show a 7.9% increase in the density of growing hair within 3 months

·       Ajuga Plant Stem Cell active is up to 40% more effective than commonly used synthetic ingredients at combating the body’s hair thinning hormone: DHT


3.     Renewing Oil Serum


This is the perfect oil and your skin’s instant addiction. Made only of clean oils like argan, acai and active essentials, it instinctively delivers what any skin needs. Dry skin drinks it in. Oily skin finds clean balance. Dull skin lights up. Redness fades.

Deep moisture in winter yet light in summer, it perfectly aligns with the body's sebum. If you buy nothing else, buy this. Feel skin awaken, cell by cell.


There you have it- your all natural go to products. Stop by the salon anytime and talk to one of our knowledgeable team members. They will get you started on one of Intelligent Nutrients many great products to get your hair healthy from the inside out!